Coulee Financial Coaching

Empowering Educators to Achieve Financial Stability and Freedom

Welcome to the home of Coulee Financial Coaching! My name is Josh and I'm focused on supporting folks within education achieve financial stability and freedom. Check out the About Me page for more information on my story. If you are an educator looking for help as you navigate your financial journey, you will find resources on this website, on Facebook, and Instagram.

What does a financial coach do?

A financial coach provides one-on-one, personalized education and support to promote behavioral change. The goal of financial coaching is to empower clients with the information and tools needed to make their own money management decisions.  A financial coach does not provide investment recommendations, advice, or management.

What topics might a financial coach help with?

Topics that a financial coach might help with include:

Personal finance education and literacy

Budgeting and cash flow 

Managing debt

Premarital financial coaching

Couples financial coaching

Renting versus buying a house

Building an emergency fund

Teaching money fundamentals to children

Understanding employment benefits

Planning for college

Finding Your Path to Financial Independence

Credit Cards and Travel Hacking

Assembling a Family Emergency Binder

What does the financial coaching process look like?

Financial coaching is personalized to your situation. The coach works to understand your current financial context, identify goals, define objectives, develop a plan, and provide support. Throughout the process, priority is placed on encouragement, education, and monitoring. Generally, the process works through the following steps:

1) Analyze and understand context. The coach works to understand the client's context and finances.

2) Identify objectives and goals. The client and coach work collaboratively to identify financial goals and objectives.

3) Develop a plan. The client and coach collaboratively develop a plan to meet the objectives and goals.

4) Implement the plan. As the client works to implement the financial plan, the coach supports them through on-going education and guidance.

How much does financial coaching cost?

Coulee Financial Coaching is a fee-based service. See the Packages page for details.

Ready to take the next step?

If you are an educator looking for information and support, Coulee Financial Coaching is here to serve you! Click here to schedule a free 20-minute discovery call