Coulee Financial Coaching provides a range of packages for new and existing clients. Wondering how a financial coach can help you achieve your financial goals? Click here to schedule a free 20-minute discovery call

Financial Foundation Packages

If you are unsure where to start on your journey to financial stability and empowerment, these packages are for you! Each of the following packages is designed for a particular audience and has a specific outcome. Once we begin, the timeline is roughly one month. During this time you will have direct access to my mobile phone number for quick calls/text. In addition to the listed outcome, all packages include a free copy of one a personal finance book suited for the current stage of your financial journey (audio book or e-book format).

Educator Essentials ($300)

This package design to help educators understand the financial opportunities of their current position. Together we will review the compensation package for your current position (e.g., salary, benefits, insurance), identify financial opportunities, and develop a set of financial objectives for the next few years.

Outcome: A financial overview that will outline the compensation of your current teaching position, highlight opportunities, and set out goals for the next several years.

Personal Finance Basics ($300)

This package is designed for those at the beginning of their personal finance journey who wants to start taking control of their financial well-being. We will develop an overview of your current financial situation, review your spending for the past three months, and develop a set of financial goals.

Outcome: A summary of your current financial situation  recommendations for lowering your expenses, and set of short-term goals.

Couples Quick Start ($300)

This package is for couples looking to focus on financial wellness. We will examine your individual and combined financial picture, consider debts and assets, and discuss your short-term goals (e.g., buy a house, start a family) and how these may impact your finances. 

Outcome: A summary of your current financial situation that highlights the income sources, debts, and assets that you each bring to the relationship. This personalized assessment will consider how short-term goals may impact your current financial situation.

FIRE Planning ($300)

This package is for individuals focused on financial independence and retiring early (FIRE). Together we will examine your current financial picture, chart your path to FI, and identify the strategies and resources that will help you accelerate your journey.

Outcome: A summary of your current path to FI and a set of strategies and resources for the next steps in your FIRE journey.

Topic Specific Education ($300 per topic) 

This package is for anyone who wants personalized education on a financial topic. We will first meet (3o min) to determine what financial topic you would like to learn more about and why you would like to learn about the topic. I will then gather resources and information specific to the topic and create a custom presentation for you (30-45 minutes).

Possible topics include:

On-going Coaching 

($100 per month, 3-month minimum)

On-going coaching is for clients who have an established relationship and would like to meet monthly to discuss progress, review goals, and continue their financial education. The form and format of the coaching will be determined by the client and coach. The base rate for on-going coaching is $100 per month with a 3-month minimum commitment. A discount will be provided for longer commitments.

On-going coaching includes: