About Me

Who am I?

My name is Josh Hertel (pronunciation) and I am husband, father, mathematics educator, financial education nerd, tabletop gamer, techie, and geek. I hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and MS in Mathematics from Illinois State University as well as a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. During the academic year, I work as a Professor in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where I focus primarily on teaching preservice mathematics teachers. Prior to teaching in higher education, I was a classroom teacher in Neenah, WI. You can find more info about me on my personal website joshhertel.com

Outside of academia, I am an active member of the Waking Up White Collaborative, which works to create a healthier multicultural community within our region. I also founded and help coordinate the tabletop gaming convention Coulee Con that runs each August.

Why Financial Coaching?

I am passionate about helping educators take control of their financial lives. I was fortunate to grow up in a family where financial decisions were openly discussed and debated. This experience, along with my training in mathematics, provided numerous opportunities to learn about personal finance and financial wellness topics. The knowledge I gained in my 20s helped my wife and I make informed decisions that have set us on a path to achieve financial independence by our early 50s. Moreover, our choices have given us greater control over our time and a great flexibility in how we live our lives.

In 2022, I began exploring incorporating financial coaching into my practice. Like many, the COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity for my family to reevaluate how we were spending our time, energy, and effort. My interest in financial coaching came from witnessing many colleagues and students leave the profession because they could not chart a course to meet their financial goals. Although it is undeniable that educators are underpaid for their work, I firmly believe that it is possible to achieve financial stability and independence through long-term thinking and strategizing. As I approach my 20th year in the classroom, my goal is not to convince people to stay in the classroom if they have decided to leave, but rather to help those who want to stay find the path forward.

If you are an educator, I would love to chat and help you find the course to achieve your financial goals, whether it's paying off debt, buying a house, or attaining financial independence and early retirement. I want to assist you in recognizing those financial opportunities that are unique to your context and consider how you can leverage them effectively. I am committed to working with you, providing on-going education, and identifying resources to empower you to achieve financial stability and independence.